What Makes Us Different

We provide our customers with the combination of quality vehicles,an affordable payment plan, and expert servicing—that’s why our customers give us a great satisfaction rating!

Our customers range from hard-working men and women to young people just starting out—all of which need a car to get to and from work. Many of our customers face credit challenges—which is something many Americans face— as nearly 45 percent don’t qualify for automobile financing at conventional financial institutions. Using Drivehere.com’s unique Leasing Program, we are as accommodating as possible to the many potential reasons someone might not be able to receive a car loan due to their poor credit. We want our customers to get back on the road so they can maximize their opportunity for advancement. Our goal is simple: Exceed the customer’s expectations, because our success is in their hands.

Our leasing program makes us different—it’s way more than just a car.


Here’s something we do, that is not expected in our market, We trust our customers.

We treat him or her with dignity and respect, we thoroughly explain the terms of the lease, we put forward the facts, and then, we let the customer decide. We think our customers deserve better than some ramshackle, fly-by-night used car lot down the street or just another Buy Here Pay Here dealership. We offer a modern, professional, and sophisticated environment to get a car. We know what acquiring a used car can be like, particularly for people accustomed to being undeserved, we don’t want anxiety, we don’t want distrust, and we don’t want failure in our relationship with you.

We want a satisfied customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards getting a car and call now: 1-215-600-2463

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